Deny Y. Imran - CEO

Over the last couple of years the term ‘disruptive’ has been widely recognized by the public, particularly when it comes to technological developments and all things that accompany them. The business ecosystem has completely changed where technological developments are difficult to stop. Technology has given rise to various innovations, updates and has succeeded in transforming existing system by creating many competitive advantages for its users in terms of practicality, ease of access, user comfort and economical cost.

The current Covid 19 pandemic inevitably demands the role of technology that is more monumental than previous periods.


Ape Gale Indonesia is aware of that circumstances, therefore we are here to provide solutions to our clients all over Indonesia for assisting them to manage Expatriates and Manpower Supply through our latest digital technology called GARIS.

Aside from solutions in the form of platform and application, Ape Gale Indonesia also provides consulting services and technology implementation planning for clients so that efficiency and appropriate implementation can be achieved.

We are open to collaborate and working with various parties in implementing our platform and application solutions as well as developing diverse new innovations to manifest even better solutions.

Hopefully the Covid 19 pandemic will end soon in such manner that economic and social activities in the community can recover and back to normal as previous.


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